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Church and Global Society - Overseas Mission, Ethics and politics

The Convener is Rev Liz Robertson.

The committee continues to work to fulfil remits from the General Assembly and to circulate information and resources particularly from the Church and Society Council, and World Mission Council which will allow congregations to respond  to current events in such a way as to build up the Kingdom of God.

Subjects considered relevant to Church and Society include - human rights, Fair Trade, environmental issues, poverty and justice, the NHS and the care of the vulnerable.

Considering the subjects of food poverty and, more recently, ‘period poverty’, the committee continues to encourage congregations to support their local foodbanks through regular collections of food and personal care items, and also through the 'Reverse Advent Calendar' and ‘Lent Challenge’. 

The work of the Family Help Hubs at HMP YOI Corntonvale is highlighted annually and congregational support encouraged.

In relation to World Mission, the committee continues to respond to remits from the General Assembly and circulating information and resources which will encourage congregations to enjoy the experience of being part of the World Church.

The committee highlights relevant information regarding our Missionary Partners - Joel Hafvenstein in Nepal, and Keith and Ida Waddell in Zambia, and arranges opportunities to meet them during visits to our presbytery area.

Support of the Church of Scotland HIV Programme through 'Souper Sunday' events has increased in recent years and continues to be encouraged by the committee.

Congregations are encouraged to share examples of ways that they highlight any of the issues relevant to this committee in order that their efforts may be shared with the wider church.