Thursday 1st November 2018 at Bridge of Allan Parish Church Church, at 7.00 p.m. for the conduct of ordinary business.

Strategy Committee

Strategy Committee
In 2016 the Strategy Committee, bringing together the remits of the former Appraisal, Ministries and
Vacancy Procedure (VPC) Committees, met as required throughout the year.
Rev. Alex Millar is currently Convener and also taking responsibility for the Vacancy Procedure Committee.

A small sub-committee is still appointed from among the membership of the committee to act as a Vacancy Procedure
Committee of Presbytery and to deal with any matters arising between meetings of the Strategy

Members of Committee were involved in attending conferences organised by Ministries Council
(Presbytery Representatives, Crieff and Ministries Council-Council of Assembly Future of the
Regional Church, Peebles).
The VPC sub-committee has dealt with matters in relation to existing vacancies in various parishes
within the Presbytery bounds.
Strategy Committee will conduct the annual review of the Presbytery Plan in the spring of 2017.

The Presbytery of Stirling Chaplain who provides pastoral care for all members is Rev Valerie Allen who can be contacted by email on