Thursday 1st November 2018 at Bridge of Allan Parish Church Church, at 7.00 p.m. for the conduct of ordinary business.

Church and Global Society Committee

Church and Global Society Committee

The Convener is Rev Sigrid Marten

The committee continues to work to fulfil remits from the General Assembly and, as directed by the
Church and Society Council, to provide information and resources to allow congregations to respond
to current events in such a way as to build up the kingdom of God. The committee meets regularly
and reports to Presbytery on issues of importance with particular reference to human rights, Fair
Trade, environmental issues, poverty and justice, the NHS and the care of the vulnerable.
This year the committee has continued to highlight the work of Start Up in Stirling, including by
supporting a ‘Reverse Advent’ collection of goods for their foodbank and the foodbank at the Gate in
We continue to keep abreast of the situation regarding placement of Syrian refugees within the
Presbytery’s area, although no further approaches for assistance have been made as numbers of
people placed locally appear to have been lower than anticipated.
Also, we continue to encourage congregations to support the work at the Family Centre and Help Hub
at Cornton Vale which was launched in September of 2013 with the objective being to offer a
supportive, friendly and welcoming environment for prisoners' families visiting the establishment and
to ensure that experiences of prison visiting are less stressful and more positive.
Congregations are encouraged through materials and information provided by the Committee on
Ecumenical Relations to engage with the life and work of Christians of other traditions locally and in
the wider world.
The committee also continues to respond to remits from the General Assembly to seek to enable
congregations and members to enjoy the experience of being part of the World Church by passing on
resources from the World Mission Council, Christian Aid and other partners, responding to events
which affect our overseas partners, inviting involvement in Twinning or offering other opportunities to
meet members of congregations in other parts of the world.
The committee has encouraged support of the Church of Scotland HIV Programme through ‘Souper
Sunday’ events, and gained Presbytery support for the World Mission Council’s ‘Let Us Build A House’
Challenge to raise funds to replace homes lost in Nepal in the Earthquakes of 2014. So far, the sum
raised in the Presbytery area is £7001. We continue to support the work of Joel Hafvenstein as a
Mission Partner in Nepal and Keith and Ida Waddell as Mission Partners in Zambia.

The Presbytery of Stirling Chaplain who provides pastoral care for all members is Rev Valerie Allen who can be contacted by email on